October 16th: PACT Workshop For SEL and What LCPS is Hiding From Parents. It’s Free!

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is NOT what LCPS proclaims. Combined with Learning for Justice and the curriculum is meant to reprogram kids

About this event

Loudoun County Public Schools, much like elsewhere in the nation, is using a company called “Second Step” for their Social Emotional Learning (SEL) student reprogramming curriculum. Second Step also combines resources and tools from Learning for Justice, a Southern Poverty Law Center business and is also a major Equity Partner with LCPS.

These two programs are literally reprogramming kids K-12 with anti-racist, social justice, and BLM centric material. We cannot have this in our schools and need everyone to understand exactly what is going on on the inside of the school walls.

This seminar/discussion is a trial run and we had to cap attendees at (75). If the demand is there, PACT will gladly schedule as many additional meetings as necessary

Help and Share The Message!