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Not One But Three Different Campaigns This Midterm. Here’s What That Means…

Today is Friday, May 6, 2022 and we have (15) until the #VA10 GOP Primary election. On May 21, (1) candidate from a field of (11) will be selected to take on Jennifer Wexton. So what happens after the GOP candidate is chosen? They will begin their campaign right? Wrong, and historically this has been a big part of the problem. It’s not the GOP candidates campaign it’s OUR campaign.

I don’t care how qualified or ideal the chosen candidate is, we cannot have an effective campaign and a good chance of winning if the candidate is carrying the entire burden. They, their surrogates, consultants, and supporters will be getting their message out, attending fundraisers, events, meet & greets, sending out information about Wexton but is this type of traditional campaigning good enough? It’s necessary but no, it’s not good enough.

As the campaigning tradition goes, the RNC, NRCC, and gaggles of other organizations will create mailers, 30 second videos, TV ads, and social media centered around a few of the many negatives that surround Wexton. Is this traditional 3rd party campaigning good enough? It’s necessary but no, it’s not good enough.

What’s missing? Us, that’s what’s missing. We didn’t win the VA election last November simply because we rallied around Youngkin and team. We propelled Youngkin, his team and the delegates by campaigning against CRT, CRT Tenets, and Parental Rights relentlessly. Now, we must run the same type of campaign against Jennifer Wexton. We’ll have a great candidate but that’s simply not enough. They will need a lot of help from #VA10 constituents exposing Wexton, all of her associations, and actions. There is plenty of material to work with, we just need to adjust our mindset a bit and understand that times are different, and in #VA10 in 2022, there must by (3) active, cohesive, and simultaneously running campaigns:

What we need to do:

VA Overwatch has already started working on the Anti-Wexton and LCPS SB Special Election candidates campaigns. We have limited reach, resources, and are doing the best we can. Our hope is others across #VA10 will want to engage and make this a true communal effort. If you agree and want to get involved, drop us a line:

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