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Nick Gothard’s Resume Experience (LinkedIn): Longest Serving Job is “Self Employed” Since, HS. What About a Nick vs Hoyler (only) Forum/Debate?

Being a school board rep anywhere is a difficult and challenging job and requires individuals with solid experience; parenting skills (having kids), understanding the plight of the current educational environment that impacts ALL kids & how to improve it, and a complete absence of political activism.

Nick and his supporter talk a lot about his experience and how he is the candidate of choice for the Broad Run SB. Can someone please let the cat out of the bag and explain how Nick is the best candidate?

(6) Total Jobs:

There has been a TON of focus on Tiffany Polifko vs Nick Gothard and Andrew Hoyler, and hardly any focus on just Nick vs Andrew. I think that now is a good time for the Loudoun County Democrats, Loudoun-4-All, and Equality Loudoun hold their own debate, however just between Nick and Andrew. If you were to compare Nick and Andrew, Andrew has a much more impressive resume and experience. I think Democrat and Progressive voters deserve an opportunity to hear from both of their candidates, although only one is endorsed by the LCDC. Us Conservatives and “Right Wingers” will not have any involvement, only Nick and Andrew’s supporters. How about it??

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