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Nick Gothard’s Equality Loudoun Pushed for LCPS Student Walk-Out. Nick’s a School Board Candidate, Right?




Today, many students around Virginia, including Loudoun County, had a protest walk-out for trans rights.  They claim that Governor Youngkin is trying to take them away with the new Model Policy.  If people took a few minutes to read the policy, they’d see that is not at all the case, unless they are saying trans rights supersede parental rights, which is exactly their goal.


In preparation for the student walk-out, LCPS school board candidate for Broad Run, Nick Gothard’s Equality Loudoun heavily promoted the walk-out encouraging students to acquire more information from the group Pride Liberation Project which led the effort.


Nick is NOT a serious SB candidate but he is a serious activist.  

  • What kind of SB candidate would be encouraging students to walk out of their classes over a false narrative that Nick and many others have widely spread? Activist candidate Nick Gothard  
  • What kind of SB candidate advocates for Defunding the Police? Activist candidate Nick Gothard  
  • What kind of SB candidate advocates for keeping secrets from parents? Activist candidate Nick Gothard
  • What kind of SB candidate organizes and promotes Drag Queen shows for kids? Activist candidate Nick Gothard


Nick is 22 and does not have any kids.  His goal is to pit students against parents and have the LGBTQ+ activists act as surrogates, replacing the biological parents.  His sick and demented ideology is obvious.  He giggles at the thought of how many kids he will indoctrinate.  Nick Gothard is the epitome of what we DO NOT NEED in or near our schools and students.

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