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Nick Gothard’s Equality Loudoun Provides Resources for Adolescent Gender Surgery AND The Importance of Having Parents & Family Involved



At this point, I don’t know what to think.  On one side, Nick Gothard is a staunch advocate for keeping secrets for parents and family members, leaving the teachers, staff, and guidance counselors to be the “experts” while the parents are unsuspecting victims regarding the mental and physical health of their children.  However, Nick Gothards’s Equality Loudoun provides numerous resources for Trans.  We looked at a few but found “The World Professional Association for Transgender Health” to provide a lot of important information.  Others seemed to have scrubbed their websites of the information Equality Loudoun was trying to share.  


The two biggest takeaways for me from this document are how much they emphasized parental and family involvement.  Yup seems everything we’ve been told from Nick, Equality Loudoun, Loudoun 4 All, Loudoun Syndicate, Jennifer Wexton, etc. has been completely based on ideology and lies.  It is a parent’s right to take their child through the trans process if that’s what they want to do.  Just like it’s our right to simply be informed The World Professional Association for Transgender Health clearly sides with parents.  The document is long, so to make it easier to find the information select CONTROL-F on your keyboard, and do a keyword search for “parents”, “family”, and “families”.  The results will prove what I’ve outlined.


Let’s not forget about the parents.  They will also need counseling.  People like Nick Gothard paint the narrative that secrets must be kept from parents because they will beat the child, kick them out of the house, or some other form of punishment.  When have you ever heard about concerns for the parents?  Why are the people representing trans intentionally providing false information and making this political?  The resources they are providing are in line with Governor Younkin’s new Model Policy regarding parental rights.


To find out more about medical procedures, use CONTROL-F on your keyboard, and do a search for “surgery” or any other word.

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