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Nick Gothard Supports Keeping Secrets from Parents: 12-year-old Florida girl tried to kill herself after secret meetings about her gender identity with teachers


A 12-year-old girl in Florida tries killing herself TWICE because of this putrid game of Russian Gender Roulette.  This poor girl met with teachers weekly to discuss her gender identity conflict, WITHOUT the knowledge of her parents, she is 12.  Meanwhile, in Virginia, the following lunatic activists are trying to ENFORCE teachers keeping secrets from parents:


Twitter handles:

@RepWexton, @NickgothardVA, @pwcdanica, @bluevirginia @vademocrats @EqualityVA @AtoosaReaser @loudoun4all @julibriskman @ButaBiberaj, @PRandallcares @LoudounDems @TurnerAshburn


There are many more but these people are on the radar for 2022/2023. They are sick and vile.


The only item Governor Youngkin’s policy removes is ideology.  This nonsensical ideology is what almost cost this little girl her life.


Why in God’s name would ANYONE vote for a 22-year-old SB candidate, who advocates for keeping these SAME secrets from parents that almost cost this girl her life, child mutilation, and drag queen pedophilic shows?  Nick Gothard is a sick individual who needs mental health counseling himself.  He should automatically be disqualified from having ANYTHING to do with children in our schools


Then you have basement Wexton which has sponsored 15+ different pieces of LGBTQ+ legislation as well as HR5 which decimates Title IX.  Wexton is mental, and she is making money hand over fist off the backs of tragedies just like this.

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