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Nick Gothard & Loudoun Equality Drag Queen Storytime Star, “Desiree Dik” Is a Montessori School Teacher!


Back in June 2022, Nick Gothard and Equality held their “Loudoun Pride Festival” featuring Drag Queen Storytime with a variety of Drag Queens, including the infamous “Desiree Dik”.  One item missing from Nick and Equality Loudoun’s promotional material is that “Desiree Dik” is a Montessori school teacher.  


While common sense seems to be a thing of the past, I hold on to hope that people will see that a 22-year-old, leftist activist, whose only accolades are advocating and pushing the LGBTQ narrative, Defunding the Police, Unions, and being completely involved with the Loudoun Syndicate are NOT the type of representation out children need from an LCPS school board member.  Nick should not be allowed near children let alone hold a school board member seat.

Desiree juggles drag performances with a day job as a Montessori school teacher, which is enough to make ends meet now. Even still, her solidarity with Red Bear leads Desiree to continue Tuesday night bingo and occasional weekend performances. The tips, though less than a normal night, don’t hurt either. “I think it is helping. We get all the tips and hopefully, we can get enough to help pay some of the workers,” Desiree says. Red Bear is working with a smaller staff while it does limited service; during Bingo, it’s Van Der Oever, Desiree, a bartender, and a kitchen staff member. Desiree explains that patrons can stop in for grab-and-go libations, grab a bingo board for the road, and then enjoy the show from home. It’s everything short of being able to stay for the in-person experience.”



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