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Nick Gothard Is… The LGBTQ+ Ninja! But There’s More to Education Than Just a Hijacked Acronym. He’s Inadequate for Broad Run SB

What young Nick Gothard fails to understand is that there is more to education than just LGBTQ+. While I applaud his ninja warrior like spirit in defense of LGBTQ- students and teachers, he forgets that the Broad Run district, and LCPS as a whole has more than just a few LGBTQ- students and staff. Would Nick advocate for all students and staff? Possibly but he has an agenda, to further exploit sexual ideology into young minds. He also places an emphasis on LGBTQ- history and libraries.

As a parent of a student in K-8, would you love it if they brought home or watched on YouTube any of these LGBTQ- classics below? Would you say, “Boy, that 22 year old LGBTQ- Ninja is doing a fine job helping to educate our kids! Thank God we finally have a SB member that will advocate on my 6 year olds boys behalf to become a princess”.

Kids have a hard enough time believing cartoon characters aren’t real, and they can’t choose their bedtime, do you really think they have the capacity to make a decision on which of the 157 different genders they are? Should school board members really be pushing this sludge? Nope.

When Nick is old enough to have kids, he can label them whatever gender he wants, until then, this LGBTQ- grooming garbage needs to be kept away from our kids and out of our school board.

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