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Nick Gothard is Equality Loudoun’s Mr. 8040

Ok, so how is Nick Gothard moved on from “Ninja Nick” to “Mr. 8040”?  All the way back in early 2021, LCPS Policy 8040 the “Trans Policy” started catching a lot of attention and for good reason.  If your trans, congratulations but that does not entitle you to special privileges like bathroom of your choice, boys playing on girls sports teams and visa-versa.  This does not afford you the opportunity to force your sexuality or preferences down our throats and it sure as hell does not entitle anyone to have ANY discussions about or kid’s sexuality.  Let’s be clear, there are only boys and girls, and while I won’t bet on it, I even think Dr. Fauci may even agree, after all it is the simplest science there is, you’re either one or the other. 

What many people may not realize is that Equality Loudoun was BCC’d on regular email communications between board members regarding Policy 8080 (Trans Policy).  Equality Loudoun was part of these discussions.  Guess what?  Nick Gothard, at the time, was the Executive Director for Loudoun County Democrats and on the Board of Directors for Equality Loudoun (currently Equality Loudoun Leader/History).  This isn’t the first time the Loudoun Democrats inserted themselves (directly) into LCPS business that would impact all students and parents.  So to think that Nick wasn’t involved or at an absolute minimum aware is foolishness.

Do you remember that Tweet from Mr. 8040 when he gloats about his “policy experience”?  Just food for thought..

LCPS Policy 8040 - Trans Policy

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