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Nick Gothard Hides (3) Different “Defund the Police” Organizations He Worked With/For From Constituents


Nick Gothard is a 22-year-old childless leftist activist.  It’s quite obvious from his LinkedIn profile.  However, what is not obvious or even available is the work he did for (3) top “Defund the Police” organizations: Win Justice, Loudoun Citizens for Public Safety, and Virginia Coalition for Transforming Policing.  With just a little research, we were able to find Nick’s campaign website before it actually became his campaign website (exact same URL).  On December 5th, 2020, Nick was updating his website with his “Experience” (see image below), and low and behold, (3) of his (6) “Experiences” was his involvement with organizations to “Defund the Police”, “Transforming Policing”, and “Reimagining Policing”.  These are all phrases we heard throughout 2020 nonstop.  Now, the Democrats are denying they ever said such a thing, but Nick has experience working to do exactly what Democrats are denying.


Also, take note of who he was working with when he was withLoudoun Citizens for Public Safety: 

  • Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney: Buta Biberaj
  • Loudoun County Board of Supervisor: Juli Briskman
  • Virginia State Senator: Jennifer Boysko


All are members of the Loudoun Syndicate.  Nick is clearly being groomed.  I don’t care if he was 32, a resume like this is a HUGE red flag.  Given his radical background, dubious associations, a career of activism, suspect “small business”, and questionable finances & living arrangements, Nick is the complete opposite of what LCPS needs if we stand any chance of saving our schools.  It’s radicals like Nick that got us here. 

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