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New Loudoun County Christian School Gets 2,500 Applications as Families Flee Public Ed in Droves: ‘Once in 100-Years Moment’

Yup, Cornerstone Chapel has made international news! As many are aware, Cornerstone and Pastor Gary Hamrick recognized the dramatic downfall in Loudoun County’s educational system. The drivers? CRT, Transgender policies and kids and parents need an alternative.

These drivers are the very things that Andrew Hoyler supports/supported and Nick Gothard supports as well. It’s quite obvious that the scare tactic of a “split” in “Conservative/Republican” votes between Hoyler and Polifko is a myth or should be. A “Conservative/Republican” that is against the same things that Pastor Gary is against wouldn’t cast a vote for Hoyler or Gothard. If they do, well that’s between them and their God.

CBN News:

MIDDLEBURG, Virginia – Nestled in the rolling hills of northern Virginia sits a sprawling tree-lined campus. Classrooms inside this shuttered private school sit empty. Once-busy halls are eerily silent. Each room looks like a time capsule of better days. But not for long. 

“After much prayer and discussion with our elders, and pastoral leadership, we will be launching Cornerstone Christian Academy,” said Senior Pastor Gary Hamrick. 

Hamrick got a standing ovation after making that announcement during recent Sunday services at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg. 

The campus is about 20 miles from Cornerstone Chapel the church that will open the school in the fall of ’23. 

Initially, there will be enough space for 500 elementary and middle school students. “They have classrooms, desks, there’s a gym, cafeteria, down the hall. We’re going to repurpose it for the Lord,” said Hamrick. 

There are also plans to expand to high school and online learning. 

“Our goal is to provide children an education where they have a biblical worldview. So they can go out into the world and be salt and light,” he said. 

The multimillion-dollar project is Hamrick’s response to what’s playing out in public school systems across the country. 

Loudoun is considered the face of the nation’s culture war, for more than a year, parents have railed against everything from sexual assault on campus to critical race theory and transgender policies. 

Teacher Tanner Cross’s dismissal for refusing to call students by preferred pronouns became the last straw for Hamrick. 

“Our kids need an alternative; we have to ourselves as a church get engaged. What can we do to help give a Christian-based, Christian biblical worldview education for our children? 

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