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Did you know that the NAACP Loudoun’s President Michelle Thomas was provided with a one-time $255,000 Virginia taxpayer “gift” or “grant” for something called “The Project”?  Do you know ANYONE that could receive such a “gift” without ANY accountability whatsoever? Of course, corrupt people.


In 2021, in the 11th hour of the VA House Appropriations Committee, Delegate (D) David Reid of Loudoun County’s 32nd District and his band of the Appropriations Committee Social Justice Warriors, added an amendment that provided Michelle Thomas, President of the NAACP, Loudoun Freedom Center, Virginia Hemp Project, and head Pastor at Holy and Whole Ministries a gift. This gift is very generous, a $255,000 “one-time grant” for the Loudoun Freedom Center for African American Museum and History Education Program.

However, this “one-time grant” of $255,000 will first pass through Loudoun County, so Phyllis Randall, Juli Briskman, and the rest of the Chicago politicians running Loudoun County. See a screenshot of the Loudoun Freedom Center amendment below, and also on page (133) of the “House Appropriations Committee Amendments to House Bill 1800” embedded below the image.



If we go wayyyy back to 2019, Michelle Thomas and her Loudoun Freedom Center signed a contract with Loudoun County Public Schools to provide “field trip services” for students, not just any students, the schools chosen were based on the highest black student “population”. The signed and countersigned contract between Loudoun Freedom Center and LCPS is also embedded below. The person from LCPS that signed this contract is our very own Ashley Ellis, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction. Who’s Ashley Ellis? She is one of the primary people in LCPS for bringing in the hateful and racist “educational material” known as Critical Race Theory.

Loudoun County is in the midst of an identity crisis, and right now it’s being overrun by racist, corrupt people that have a Chicago political ideological mindset. Do a search using Bing or Google on “Loudoun Freedom Center for African American Museum and History Education Program” and see what you find.  Information on “The Project”?  Nope.  Nothing nada, zilch, zip.  The website has barely been updated in the past (18) months.  So where’s the money?

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