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When one hears that LCPS teachers will have a “Professional Development Day” on March 7, the normal thought is ok great maybe they will learn something new on how to educate kids. You couldn’t be more wrong.

You see, this year LCPS teacher “Professional Development Day” will incorporate “Equity in the Center” training, and teacher field trips to slave cemeteries. Not just your average slave cemetery, but slave cemeteries owned by Ms. Race Hustler herself, Michelle Thomas. Thomas is not only a race hustler, she’s the president of the NAACP and Loudoun Freedom Center. You might be wondering, how does a race hustler like Michelle Thomas and her Loudoun Freedom Center get to operate a field trip for teachers to slave cemeteries? Simple, you file a bogus discrimination complaint in May 2019 with an AG that was caught in blackface and then have your Terms of Conciliation handed to you on a silver platter. Simply put, AG Herring awarded Michelle Thomas, and Loudoun Freedom Center the ability to have “educational” contracts gifted to them by LCPS. Not really a gift, more like blackmail “Do what I demand or I’ll cry racism”.

We have been calling the actions of this racist and crooked women for two years. Michelle Thomas is a black supremacist that is destroying Loudoun County using the color of her skin as a weapon, her white collar as a shield, and her mouth as a racist megaphone, making shit up and wreaking havoc.

She’s a fraud on many levels, and if I’m not mistaken, within the next 2 weeks, there will be a new book released that details Michelle Thomas’s unsavory past. Let’s just say that leopards can’t change their spots.

Jennifer Wexton is deeply tied to Michelle Thomas, so are 6 of the 8 LCBS members and 8 of the 9 LCPS SB members.

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