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Loudoun Democrats Target Largest Church in Loudoun County, Cornerstone Chapel: “We Hate the Bible”

Karen Jimmerson is a political consultant and activist for the Loudoun County Democrats, including Democrat Sheriff Candidate Craig Buckley

The actions of the Loudoun County Democrats are deeply disturbing and chilling. Their targeted violence against citizens and efforts to get them fired from their jobs reflect a concerning disregard for the well-being and livelihoods of individuals who hold differing viewpoints. Adding insult to injury, they have brazenly placed Cornerstone Chapel, the largest church in Loudoun County, on a reprehensible “Hit” or “Problematic” list. It is truly perplexing how they can harbor such intense animosity towards the Bible and Christianity.

This reckless and hateful behavior is not only morally reprehensible but also poses a significant danger to society as a whole. In a functioning society, one would expect a level of tolerance and respect for diverse beliefs and opinions. However, the actions of the Loudoun County Democrats seem to fly in the face of these principles. Their willingness to engage in acts of violence and target institutions of faith raises serious concerns about their commitment to democratic values and the well-being of the community they are meant to serve.

It is essential that people pay close attention to the actions and behavior of the Democrats in Loudoun County. Their actions are indicative of a disturbing trend that should not be taken lightly. The very fabric of a society relies on open dialogue, respect for differing perspectives, and protection of individual rights. The current state of affairs calls into question the principles and integrity of those who engage in such reprehensible behavior, and it is crucial that citizens remain vigilant in upholding the values that form the foundation of a just and inclusive society.

LEESBURG, Va. (7News) — There is new reaction to 7News’s exclusive reporting that showed how some Loudoun County residents’ lives were threatened in a Facebook group that appears to include members associated with a number of elected officials and candidates.

Members of the Loudoun Love Warriors Facebook group have also tried to get people in trouble with their employers after speaking at school board meetings.

A whistleblower sent 7News a list that allegedly targets more than one hundred people, including elected officials, Cornerstone Chapel church, and its new school that’s expected to open in the county this year.

“Our church, and others, have been targeted simply for our faith and values,” Cornerstone Chapel’s Senior Pastor Gary Hamrick told 7News in a statement. “It is ironic that those who espouse ‘tolerance’ the most, are actually some of the most intolerant people toward those of us with different views and values.”

Former U.S. Congressional candidate Hung Cao’s name is on the list, too. Cao attends Cornerstone Chapel.

“I think it’s appalling. I fought for freedom around the world and never once did I think that this would happen in the United States,” said Cao.

County Supervisor Kristen Umstattd, who is not associated with the Loudoun Love Warriors Facebook group, is the first county official to speak out against the group’s alleged activities in an on-camera interview with 7News.

“I find it outrageous that any group would target a church,” said Umstattd. “I was just appalled to see that any church anywhere in the county and this one in my district was being targeted. It is inexcusable. No one should ever target a church. We have had way too much violence against churches in this country already, against synagogues, against mosques. We need to protect our institutions, including churches, synagogues, and mosques, regardless of religion. We cannot keep having people putting churches into mean girl burn books, for example. It’s just intolerable.”

Umstattd represents Leesburg, the town where the church is located.

“I was really shocked at the level of discourse in that [Loudoun Love Warriors] chat group,” Umstattd added. “The violence that was being advocated, the ruination of people’s livelihoods and of the people themselves, that was being advocated, not just by one member of that group, but by several members of that group. There is no place for that in this county or in a civilized society. It is an un-American effort. And it really is appalling.”

It appears the same person who provided the list to the whistleblower also talked about curb-stomping Elicia Brand in the Loudoun Love Warriors Facebook group.

“Threatening me – threatening to curb stomp me, it is really, really horrible,” Loudoun County parent Elicia Brand told 7News.

Brand says she is Jewish.

“If you look to the Southern Poverty Law Center, they identified curb stopping, the idea of curb stopping with the neo-Nazi movement in this country and to see people in this county advocating for the curb stomping of anyone, but especially a Jewish woman is absolutely horrific. I’m just floored by all the hatred that was in that group. But there is no excuse for that kind of call to violence.”

Juan Pablo Segura (7News)

Virginia State Senate candidate Juan Pablo Segura, who has a three-week-year-old son, intends to pursue legal action against one of the members of the Loudoun Love Warrior’s Facebook group, which he says threatened his family with violence.

“This group of people have actually targeted outspoken parents and threatened them with violence,” Segura said. “And that’s absolutely horrendous, including myself. These Loudoun Love Warriors have actually used a real estate system to identify where my family and I live here, which is incredibly scary. They actually have also threatened my family with violence.”

“The fact that this conversation is documented, it happened,” added Segura. “This is not a fabrication. These people spoke and said these things, threatened my family, the parents that were standing up for more accountability, more transparency, more safety in our schools. I think this is a dangerous trend and a combination of factors that has to end. And if people aren’t condemning this behavior and these activities, then we know that they’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.”

Members of the Loudoun Love Warriors Facebook group also talked about getting people fired from their jobs.

And one person in the group wrote, “If it’s a misdemeanor no one will prosecute me anyway, right?”

In December, Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj sent judges a memo announcing changes to the prosecution of misdemeanors.

“I would hope that Ms. Biberaj and also the sheriff’s candidate [Craig Buckley] would make it very clear to the public that they will apply the law with a fair eye to justice,” said Umstattd. “The fact that this group was gloating over the fact that they would not be prosecuted under the current Commonwealth’s Attorney, that if this sheriff’s candidate were elected, the tides would turn. For law enforcement to allow those kinds of claims and political favoritism to go forward without a clear repudiation, I think is dangerous. So, I would hope that both Ms. Biberaj and Mr. Buckley would come out with strong statements renouncing those statements that those advocating violence would not be prosecuted and allowed.”

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