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Loudoun County Superintendent Ziegler failed to accurately report sexual assault data to the state

Loudoun 4 All is the radical group who recently posted a request for a new LCPS SB candidate to run in the special election for the Broad Run District. Do you really think they are qualified to offer up a truly qualified candidate after a comment like this:

Todd Kaufman with parent group Loudoun4all supports school policies like Policy 8040.

Policy 8040 was enacted as a result of a statewide law that all schools must implement to provide safety and protection for LGTBQ+ students,” said Kaufman “Loudoun is implementing changes to make bathrooms, locker rooms, and other spaces safer and more private for ALL students. The recent assaults in a bathroom and classroom highlight the need to make sure all our spaces in schools are safe.”

Maybe not pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda in our schools for less than 100 students is a better solution for LCPS. If Ziegler is not out on his a$$ by November, do you really want another Team Ziegler SB member to represent you and your students in Broad Run?

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