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By Nathaniel Cline Mar 7, 2022

Parents of Loudoun County Public Schools students who have challenged the division on a variety of issues were praised Saturday during a rally held by a national group that advocates for, among other things, parental rights in education.

Kimberly Fletcher, president and founder of Moms for America, said the Loudoun parents’ vocal opposition to school closures during the pandemic, mask and vaccination mandates and the use of controversial books in the classroom, have empowered parents across the country.

MFA, a political action group dedicated to defending the U.S. Constitution, visited Ashburn on Saturday to share its support and offer tools for mothers seeking to defend their freedoms.

“You guys are like ‘rock stars’ all across the country and I want you to know you’re not alone because every single state we go, in every single county, every single school district, they’re having the same battles,” Fletcher said. “You guys have really empowered them to realize, one, they’re not alone, [and] two, they can do something about it.”

On Saturday, Fletcher and MFA visited Loudoun County during a break from the People’s Convoy, a group of truck drivers that traveled from California to Washington D.C., sharing common interests, including their protecting rights and liberties as U.S. Citizens.

The school division has faced tough criticisms over its handling of classroom instruction during the pandemic and mask wearing since the pandemic began two years ago.

Further, the school division faced criticisms over its handling of public safety including two teen assault cases, implementing transgender policies and teaching critical race theory, something LCPS officials have repeatedly denied is taught in its classrooms.

VDOE, too, has stated that CRT is not included in Virginia’s standards of learning, according to multiple reports. VDOE was directed to provide training called “culturally responsive teaching” in response to two bills — HB1904 and SB1196 — to advance cultural competency training for school staff.

Parents have also orchestrated the recall of three school board members. One of whom has since resigned, citing threats against her and her family.

Approximately 50 people, including parents and children, attended MFA’s nearly-hour-long “Freedom Rally” at the 10th Congressional District Republican Committee parking lot.

Through its nationwide effort, MFA leaders said they are providing mothers with resources for confronting school boards and voting.

Tyler Ohta, a parent and state liaison for Moms for America, said parents took to the polls after they felt dismissed by school boards and being labeled as “domestic terrorists” by the FBI.

“We realized that it had to stop, and so, we the parents went to war for our kids here in Virginia and in the end, as you know, education was the key and pivotal issue in our gubernatorial race, and earned us a clean sweep for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general,” Ohta said.

She added that “God has equipped each of us for such a time as this. What an honor, privilege and blessing to be able to fight for freedom, as our founders and forefathers once did right here in this great state. Let’s reclaim our culture for truth, family and freedom, and Virginia, as we always have, let’s lead the way.”

Scott Mineo, founder of Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT), was one of the speakers at Saturday’s rally. He announced plans to publish an online tool to prepare voters for the upcoming Congressional races.

Mineo also shared his story about how PACT provided people with information about CRT and stressed the importance of parental rights within the past two years.

“I’d like to think that we got to a jump on the game early before any other groups kind of came on the scene and I’m proud of that fact,” Mineo said. “We’re not the only ones, but we got the message going early and I would like to think that it helped to inspire others around the state to help lead us to victory in November, which was big.”

Help and Share The Message!