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Loudoun County Needs to Cut Out the Equity Push and Consider Adding an Inspector General




If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years Loudoun County, VA is riddled with corruption.  Whether it’s the Loudoun NAACP, LCPS, LCS SB, LC Elections Office, or the LC BOS.  Take for example the recent LCPS “Independent Investigation”.  This thing will NEVER see the light of day, and would likely have widespread implications for many individuals, policies, and regulations.  Take a look at this new article regarding the hundreds of students that were groomed and sexually assaulted in Chicago.  Think this was discovered through an “independent investigation”?  Nope.  A watchdog, an Inspector General.  Below are some of the benefits of an Inspector General and how Loudoun County might be able to adopt an Inspector General:


A county inspector general is a public official who is responsible for investigating and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse within the county government. Some benefits of having a county inspector general include:

  1. Improving government efficiency: An inspector general can identify and address inefficiencies and redundancies in government processes, leading to more effective and efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

  2. Detecting and preventing corruption: An inspector general can investigate allegations of corruption or misconduct within the county government and recommend reforms to prevent future instances of such behavior.

  3. Enhancing transparency and accountability: An inspector general’s reports and findings can be made public, increasing transparency and accountability within the county government.

  4. Building public trust: By helping to ensure that the county government is operating in a transparent, accountable, and efficient manner, an inspector general can help to build and maintain public trust in the government.


There are several ways that a county can adopt an inspector general:

  1. State law: Some states have laws that allow counties to establish inspector general offices. In these states, the county can adopt an inspector general by following the procedures outlined in the state law.

  2. County charter or ordinance: Some counties have the authority to create an inspector general office through their county charter or ordinance. The county can adopt an inspector general by following the procedures for amending the charter or ordinance.

  3. Voter referendum: In some cases, a county may adopt an inspector general through a voter referendum, in which the citizens of the county vote to approve the creation of an inspector general office.

  4. Contract with a private company: If a county does not have the legal authority to create an inspector general office, it may be able to contract with a private company to provide similar services.


I’m not an expert but if this can actually be done, I’d suggest Conservative BOS candidates consider adding this to their platform.  Enough damn corruption without ANY oversight.

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