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Loudoun County Elections Office (Judy Brown, Richard Keech and Samantha Shepherd) Refer PACT & VA Overwatch to CIS/DHS & Attempt to Have Twitter Shut Down (FOIA Docs Enclosed)



Within a few days of our post about the Loudoun County Elections Office violations of VA State code: § 24.2-616, with FOIA-based evidence provided, the Loudoun County Elections Office (Judy Brown, Richard Keech and Samantha Shepherd) decided to forward the information to CIS Security is a cybersecurity arm of the DHS that states across the country have “partnered” with to monitor election activity and “compliance” through services to states often for free.


Just like the LCPS grand jury report indicating there aren’t any “witness tampering” laws in Virginia (this is true), there are however Obstruction of Justice laws that parallel witness tampering.  The Loudoun County Elections Office referred to the violations of VA State code: § 24.2-616 as an “error” and an “issue discovered” that was brought to their attention by a concerned citizen.  Are these violations the crime of the century?  No.  Are these violations, well violations?  Yes.  So why then was there such a tremendous push to silence us?  A direct referral to a DHS-funded election watchdog?  Really?  Wanting to have our Twitter account shut down for “violations”?  This is on top of numerous local “officials’ wanting to silence us, “stop posting” I was told.  Well, here I am.


Below, you will see how this DHS referral of PACT and VA Overwatch unfolded.  All documents were obtained through a FOIA request and in their own words.  Personally, I think this was pretty crappy and vindictive.  Loudoun County is corrupt from our schools, to our elections office (yes I think this is corrupt), and other offices throughout the county which will be forth coming in 2023.

In this video, originally posted on August 1, 2022 and recorded locally in July 2022, Judy Brown is asked (5) times if the Loudoun County Elections Office is aware of any violations of VA State code during the 2020/2021 elections, and (5) times she said “No”.  The summary from the original post is below and where all the FOIA’ed docs (evidence) can be viewed:


  • Denial of any violations of Virginia state code or laws
  • VA State code: § 24.2-616. Duties of printer; statement; penalty.
  • Admission of violation by Judy Brown, LC General Registrar, to ESO Shoup (vendor who printed ballots) referred to as an “oath issue discovered” that was “brought to her attention”.  Reminder, she’s been in the LC elections office for (32) years AND the “oath issue discovered” was allegedly discovered only after a FOIA request was submitted.
  • 2017 – 2020 Signed VA Statement of Electoral Board Representative that is signed and dated well after the date required by VA law.  The last sentence above the signature states: “I understand that knowingly signing a false statement constitutes the crime of perjury”

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