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Loudoun County BOS Chair, Phyllis Randall & Her Lackey Atoosa Reaser, Scolds Citizens and Declares FOIA’s “MUST Stop!”



Imagine if you will two members of the Loudoun Syndicate whining at the public because of FOIA submissions.  First LCPS SB Member Atoosa Reaser claims that We The People have systematically disabled government institutions from functioning and then Loudoun County BOS Chair, Phyllis Randall, flips her wig and claims that We The People are harassing LC staff and demands “It MUST stop!”  Atoosa is a crackpot acting concerned NOW about educating our students and Randall thinks she’s talking to group of middle school kids.


Keep in mind that these “elected officials” work for We The People.  However, being good Leftists they are playing the victim role but not very well.  The Loudoun Syndicate, which spans the School Board, Board of Supervisors, Commonwealth Attorney, and the NAACP are transparent as mud.  Since they are murky and shady individuals, We The People have to use the tools that are afforded to us, and the best tool are FOIA’s.


PACT and VA Overwatch have been calling for We The People to become more familiar with FOIA submissions over the past month or two, and it seems they have!  Don’t be phased by this faux outrage, it simply means we’re making progress, DO NOT LET UP!


Target the elections office, LCPS administration and every BOS member, especially Randall, Briskman, and Turner.  Every Loudoun Leftist Lunatic is up for reelection in 2023 and they are getting uncomfortable.  So much so that they have recruited Jan Mercker, a reporter from the LoudounNow, which is Soros backed media…imagine that.  Jan is also a member of the far left wackadoo group Chardonnay Antifa.  A reporter and a leftist lunatic, say it ain’t so.  Jan will be attempting to collect the names of EVER person who submitted FOIA’s to run interference for the Loudoun Syndicate, and will likely attempt to shame these individuals, whether in the LoudounNow or on Twitter under Loco Mama, @ExurbanCowgirl (see her Twitter feed embedded below).


Make the FOIA’s count and smile the entire time.



Help and Share The Message!