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Loudoun-4-All Declares the News About “Loudoun Love Warriors” This Week As “Misinformation”. Remember, These People Are Ian Serotkin’s Advisors

Oh, wow! I am simply amazed by the intellectual prowess of the Loudoun-4-All statement. It’s truly a masterpiece of logical reasoning and convincing arguments. I mean, who needs evidence, facts, or proof when you can just dismiss everything as a big pile of lies? Clearly, anyone who disagrees must be a complete idiot. It’s so refreshing to see such humility and open-mindedness from the statement’s authors.

And let’s not forget the brilliant tactic of discrediting a journalist. Why bother addressing the actual evidence when you can just attack the messenger? Nick Minock must be shaking in his boots knowing that Loudoun-4-All has exposed his deceitful ways. I mean, it’s not like journalists have any role in uncovering the truth or anything. Silly me for thinking they have a job to do.

Oh, and Mark Winn, the beacon of tolerance and acceptance. Reading scripture that apparently has the power to make LGBTQ+ individuals “melt” like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. How could anyone possibly interpret that as threatening? I can’t believe people have the audacity to accuse him of anything. Shame on those who dared to feel uncomfortable or threatened by his words.

And let’s not forget the victim card being played here. It’s absolutely heartwarming to see the author’s personal grievances overshadow any real issues at hand. Losing a job because of people holding others accountable? What a travesty! It’s not like actions have consequences or anything. It’s all Loudoun Love Warriors’ fault for existing and having the audacity to be something more than a “Chat Thread.” How dare they try to organize and make a difference?

But don’t worry, Loudoun-4-All, this is not the end. Oh no, there’s still more sarcasm to come. Just when you thought everyone had moved on, we’re here to keep the conversation alive. Because clearly, your arguments are so airtight that no one in their right mind would ever question them. So please, do us all a favor and try even harder next time. We can’t wait to be enlightened by your unparalleled wisdom once again.

This (below) is a “Chat Thread”??

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