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Loudoun-4-All and Chardonnay Antifa Have LCPS SB Member Tiffany Polifko’s SB FB Page Shutdown & Go After Her Mother




After the newly elected LCPS SB member posted the information below, there was an incredible onslaught of hate, disparaging, crude, and extremely disrespectful comments that followed.  ALL attributed to Loudoun-4-All and Chardonnay Antifa. what happened next is stunning.  These dirtbags had Ms. Polifko’s SB Facebook page suspended. This is a big deal because this is the primary communication Ms. Polifko uses to provide the Loudoun community with SB updates, policy updates, and oh yeah a grand jury report with recommendations was just released because (2) female students were raped and sexually assaulted. Now, thanks to Loudoun-4-All and Chardonnay Antifa, Ms. Polifko is unable to provide the community effective updates on the status of the grand jury recommendations, which as you may know is front and center in Loudoun County.


The Loudoun community has been longing for an SB member to provide regular, thorough, and honest updates, especially with a grand jury report just being released.  Tiffany was elected on November 15th and Loudoun-4-All and Chardonnay Antifa, a month later shut down Tiffany’s primary communication tool with the community. This is how deep their hatred is.



If that wasn’t bad enough, Amanda Bean, Loudoun-4-All President and community hack actually went as far as to go after Tiffany’s mother (see image/message below).  What the hell is the matter with these people?  Really, go after her mother?  It’s also very important to keep in mind that SB members Atoosa Reaser, Brenda Sheridan, BOS Phyllis Randall, and Juli Briskman are all part of Loudoun-4-All.  Chardonnay Antifa involved: Beth Barts, Heather Elise, Amanda Pettis, and Hilary HL.


The LCPS rape/sexual assault and the SB and Administration’s handling of it all impact ALL kids, not just the coveted LGBTQ+ but ALL.  Clearly, Loudoun-4-All and Chardonnay Antifa don’t feel the same.  The grand jury report says nothing about ideology or politics but lays out the injustices committed by the SB and the administration, and these people are only focused on gender and equity.  I call BS.


It would be nice if the LCPS SB members and Loudoun BOS would denounce these actions but I won’t hold my breath.


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