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Join Michelle Thomas and Her Phony “Call to Action” at 11 am at the LCPS Admin Building! Bring a Copy of Youngkin’s Proposal & Ask Her or Juli Briskman to Read It! LOL!




Let’s get ready to MUMBLE!!  Join Michelle Thomas tomorrow, November 17 at 11 am at the Loudoun County Public Schools Admin building to listen to her butcher Governor Youngkin’s proposed changes.  If she read it, she wouldn’t feel the need to stand on her soapbox bellyaching about how racist the world and Virginia are, and of course Governor Youngkin. If I’m lying why would I provide the facts?


She’s BIG MAD & thinks people are stupid and cannot read for themselves:

  • Pages 2,22,23,48: MLK
  • Pages 14 & 20: Democrats Jim Crow
  • Pages 14,19,20,22,47,48,49,52,53: Civil Rights
  • Pages 20 & 49: NAACP She’s hustling read for yourself

Grifters will grift and race hustlers will hustle.

Help and Share The Message!