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Let the racial games begin! Just (2) weeks into Governor Youngkin’s term and Former Virginia Secretary of Education Atif Qarni states: “Youngkin’s administration is stoking the fires of racial discontent”. For the record, Qarni is a little piss-ant tyrant who was a Civics teacher in Prince William County, VA before, somehow, becoming the VA Secretary of Education. I’m the furthest thing from being qualified to be a Secretary of Education, Qarni is second and does not have the background to castigate our newly nominated members of the VA Educational structure. They will decimate little Qarni’s radical destruction of VA’s educational system, which was created using true racist and oppressive ideology. You will hear radicals like Qarni, his former underlings, and Progressives across the state of Virginia CONSTANTLY use the old and played out racial narrative to try and convince We The Parents that Youngkin is trying to bring back their favorite era of “Jim Crow”. Just listen to their rhetoric, they can’t help themselves. Why? Simple, they have nothing else to say that is truly constructive. They think the people are stupid and cannot see the difference between pandering with racial rhetoric and the truth.

We are now in the 2022 Mid-Term season, and just like EVERY other election season, the Progressives and Democrats are going to lean HEAVILY on the race card. Black ones, White ones, Muslims, Asians, name it, if they are Progressive Democrats this is what they will use as their number one weapon. However, and particularly over the past (2) years, the constant drumbeat of CRT has been one of the hottest topics, not only here in Virginia but across the country. They will again think you are stupid enough to believe that “CRT” is a Trump/Youngkin created racist narrative to just win elections. You don’t have to dig very deep to see this is completely not true. However, if you want to catch them off guard, ask them about the tenets of CRT. These are the actual “tools” used to manifest their hateful ideology into our kids classrooms and society as a whole. The two biggest tenets are Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Restorative Justice (meant to stop the School to Prison Pipeline, it doesn’t).

Prepare yourselves, because whether or not you follow politics, it follows you. You will hear an onslaught of words/phrases being used by ALL Progressive Democratic candidates and their peanut gallery’s like the NAACP, BLM, Equity Committees, School Boards, etc.. Some of the most popular racial attack words/phrases include but are not limited to: Racist, White Supremacist, Jim Crow, Systemic Racism, White Privilege, White Fragility, Voter Suppression, and/or Institutional Racism. Everything to these people is “racist”; grass, milk, books, pencils, trees, food, environment, and the list goes on and on.

What should you do? Nothing. Don’t debate the elements of their accusations, it’s pointless. Besides, they are typically not smart enough to have an objective discussion, so why engage? Take the wind out of their sail, let them know you are well aware of what how they classified you, then get to the topic at hand because it sure ain’t whether or not you are a racist, but be forewarned, again these people are too stupid to discuss anything with actual substance and facts. You win.

It’s coming, and it’s up to you to read through their BS and not take what they say seriously because they are only try to appeal to emotions and convince you they are the winning choice based on their hate narrative. It’s a joke and frankly sad. This is their biggest and only play, don’t allow yourself to fall victim to these tactics.

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