LCPS’s Wayde Byard’s Declaration: “No LCPS Funds Were Spent on 1619, BLM, SPLC or Social Justice Curriculum” Is the Lie That Won’t Go Away Wayde

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Wayde said: Loudoun County Public Schools has not collaborated with “the “Southern Poverty Law Center” or “Black Lives Matter” to create a “social justice” curriculum or “Comprehensive Equity Plan.” There are no records related to your request. Similarly, no LCPS funds were spent on the “1619 Project.” I don’t know Wayde, Williams asked for an additional $6m Equity dollars in January of this year and the table below shows about $1m in Equity salaries for LCPS and MSAAC. MSAAC is proudly promoting parents and kids join them to learn more about Race, SOCIAL JUSTICE and Activism and their FB page. Additionally, LCPS will be one of (16) high schools in Virginia that will be launching new “African American History” aka 1619 and MSAAC is promoting that as well. None of this is happening for free.

What exactly is LCPS and MSAAC hiding? Also, why is MSAAC promoting the “Anti-Racist 30 Day Challenge” where the assumption is made that my kids and my wife and I are racist: “I HOPE YOU WILL COMMITT TO TAKING THE CHALLENGE WITH ME! What awaits you is allyship, abolition, co-conspiratorship, and the dismantling of racism in yourself, your family, your community, your school, and your workplace.”

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