LCPS Teacher Keynote Speaker for 10-26-2020, Rodney Robinson (2019 National Teacher of the Year) And Owes Everything to “A Lens of Equity”

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This video was provided by our friends in the Loudoun Community. Rodney Robinson was the National Teacher of the year in 2019. Not an easy thing to accomplish, so job well done to Mr. Robinson! However, at 20 minutes into his Keynote video, I lost interest, the image below is where it began. I watched a little longer, but all I needed to see and hear was when “Everything I do is Viewed Through a Lens of Equity” started.

Of course, the video starts with LCPS’s very own Equity Man. Once he started talking, I found myself searching for the tallest building in Loudoun. I have no problem with Mr. Robinson talking about his accomplishment, not an easy thing to achieve. However, to attribute his success to viewing everything through “a lens of equity? Really? So the secret to success for a teacher in LCPS is to view everything through “a lens of equity”? That is complete non-sense and insulting. This is all made possible by a feckless school board and a superintendent that was neutered long ago. LCPS is leaderless. All hail NAACP and MSAAC!

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