LCPS Supervisor of English Spent $1,325,000 on “Diversity” Books in Just 6 Days!

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Can you imagine a school supervisor being given a “substantial amount of money” ($1,325,000) that you had to spend in (6) days BUT you could only purchase “diversity” books? That’s exactly what happened. Yup, LCPS’s very own Supervisor of English, Michelle Picard, was given “substantial amount of money” ($1,325,000) that she spent on “DIVERSITY” books!!

Picard asked (2) different book companies (Mackin and BookSource) to choose the suggested books based on the criteria she provided (see all details below). If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t LCPS have some sort of “committee” that is to choose the titles and authors rather than leaving the book selection up to the book companies? Oh wait, a former Governor, currently running for Governor said parents should not have any say in their kids education and materials schools are using.

We’re not done sharing all of Picard’s contributions to our LCPS students with the broader community.

Without wonderful and caring parents and teachers in the community, no one would be the wiser. Thank you special person!

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