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LCPS Student Segregation Study ($250,000) Being Proposed by Loudoun County Board of Supervisors



What the hell is going on in Loudoun County?  One BIG GIANT GRIFT that’s what.  Why are taxpayers funding a $250,000 boondoggle study that will review “long-term inequities” starting from 1865?  Because someone wants a payday.  No one is denying slavery and segregation occurred, however, neither are alive or flourishing in Loudoun County.  Do you know what is problematic, alive, and flourishing in Loudoun County? Deception.  The LCPS grand jury investigation report


  • Pg 18 – “It is important to point out the lack of cooperation between LCPS and LCSO was an underlying issue throughout summer 2021. This unquestionably contributed to LCPS’ delinquency in opening the Title IX investigation into the SBHS sexual assault. Though the charging of the SBHS assailant in early July should have been enough for the chief of staff, under his interpretation, to launch a Title IX investigation, LCSO refused to provide the actual charges to LCPS. Juvenile intake, though, had already informed LCPS of the charges through the procedure they had in place, described above, so LCPS should have known what the charges were.”
  • Pg 18 – “Several witnesses testified the sheriff and superintendent are not on speaking terms and tension exists between the leadership of LCPS and LCSO. The citizens of Loudoun County deserve better than two high-profile individuals publicly squabbling and refusing to put aside any petty differences. Ultimately, the sheriff and superintendent need to put aside any disagreements they may have and recognize the important relationship between their offices. The safety of the students and the community require it.”
  • Pg 18 – “The special grand jury highlights the lack of cooperation from LCPS and the majority of LCSB members throughout the investigation. We expected these public servants to provide clarity, transparency, and a willingness to report truthfully to their constituents. Instead, we were met with obfuscation, deflection, and obvious legal strategies designed to frustrate the special grand jury’s work.”
  • Pg 19 – “From the outset the LCSB put up roadblocks to obstruct our investigation.”
  • Pg 19 – “Throughout the investigation, we felt LCSB’s counsel was obstructionist during witness testimony.”
  • Pg 20 – “LCSB’s counsel also inappropriately used hand signals and other methods to communicate with witnesses while they were testifying.”
  • Pg 20 – “We strongly believe these stories coming from the board members is an effort by division counsel to get everybody on the same page to thwart, discredit, and push back against this investigation and this report, and to promote their own narrative.”


There is not a single instance or example of racism or segregation in the grand jury report.  But no one cares.  Why?  Because it doesn’t fit the narrative that Loudoun and the rest of America are perpetually racist.  Why aren’t we spending $250,000 to search for a superintendent that isn’t corrupt and shady as hell and looking for LCPS administrators that can administrate rather than obfuscate, dictate, and annihilate our kid’s education?


This “study” is, as I said one BIG GIANT GRIFT.  Don’t believe me?  read “Phase 2: RECONCILIATION TASK FORCE”.  This is about the justification for reparations.  Reparations for things that happened almost 150 years ago.  Michelle Thomas, the grifter president of the NAACP will be first in line, even though she’s been in Loudoun less the 20 years and had an active felony warrant from Florida that expired in 2018. This is what race hustlers do.  Then they partner with lunatic liberal white women like Juli Briskman to help get reparations across the finish line.


The Loudoun County BOS and LCPS are crooked, trying to exploit an otherwise sensitive topic to take advantage of your emotions.  If you disagree, well then you’re a racist.  If you buy into it, you’re only giving into the leeches.  You’re not stupid, does ANY of this sound right or logical?  

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