LCPS Student “Equity Training” End Around Opt-Out Option

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Shhhhh. LCPS Doesn’t Want Parents to Know That They Can “Opt-Out” Their Students from This Racist, Offensive and Ass-Backwards “Equity Training”

Many of of you might be saying “whewwww” as this is probably my shortest post and one of maybe three “positive” posts. Thanks to our stealthy parent foot soldiers, it was brought to P.A.C.T.’s attention today that parents can in fact “opt-out” their students from this Racist, Offensive and Ass-Backwards “Equity Training”! Maybe it’s me, but it seems to be the right time to rise up and turn up the pressure on these deviants whenever and wherever we can, tactfully and above board of course. If you agree, let us know:

  • Email:
  • Subject: PACT Let’s Turn Up The Heat

Parents did you know you can opt your child out of lessons being taught about equity while still having them sign in and get credited for attendance? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Simply have them sign onto class as usual and let the teacher know their parents have opted them out of this portion of the lesson
  2. If the teacher or school gives you any grief, if you can have a “paper trail” via email or video and are willing to provide to P.A.C.T., we’ll take from there, anonymously of course.

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