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LCPS Special Needs Students, the Lost, Forgotten, and Least Concerning “Group” to LCPS




During the LCPS SB meeting on 11/29/22, there was one question that was asked by Tiffany Polifko, and the response to her question totaled 2 minutes.  This was a very important question and a stunning answer that seems to have been glossed over.  Many may or may not be aware that LCPS was prepared to eliminate countless special needs teachers/teacher aides positions this school year.  One might think that with an 8% budget increase and a $30,000 Ziegler raise that these cuts wouldn’t have even been made on the whiteboard as a suggestion….but they did.  However, thanks to COVID money, LCPS allocated a grant that funded approximately a dozen special needs, teachers/aides, for the 2022/2023 school year.  Sadly, when this current school year ends so does the funding and those teachers/aides’ jobs.  Therefore, the 2023/2024 school year will begin with a special needs teacher/aide shortage.  Why is LCPS discriminating against special needs students and their families?  Equity and gender.  LCPS has/is and continues to spend ungodly amounts of taxpayer money on equity and gender training and transgender bathroom accommodations.


Currently, there are approximately (65) non-binary students in all of LCPS.  LCPS is spending $500,000+ to convert all school’s bathrooms so that they are non-binary accessible.  Again, just for (65) non-binary students. I’d bet a year’s salary that there are 10 times or 100 times more special needs students than non-binary and LCPS is more than willing to throw these kids right under the bus and rug and for what?  Ideology.  Factor in the MILLIONS LCPS has spent on equity; training, curriculum, consultants, and layers of administrative equity positions.  Again, while sacrificing our special needs students and families.


None of this is by accident.  The LCPS administration tells the SB what they must do and the SB issues a rubber stamp.  This is sinister and sick and Asia Jones is the key administrator to point the finger at and I’ve said this for over a year.


This brings me to my lunatic friends Nick Gothard and Loudoun-4-All.  They continue to harass LCPS’s newest SB member about a unicorn post I made a month ago.  They continue to try and align this SB member and me with the CO tragic shooting committed by a non-binary person that goes by “They/Them”.  Nick Gothard and Loudoun-4-All profess to care about all students but they don’t, only the ones that fit their ideology.  LCPS is dealing with a crisis involving our special needs students and families and the only thing they can do is chase a political metaphor that they were offended by and create a fictitious narrative even after the CO shooter was discovered to be non-binary.  To them, I say get over it or join a help group.  Otherwise, stand up and fight for the ones that have been neglected and targeted the most, our special needs students and families.  You claim to care for all kids, now start caring because they need all of the support, love, and help this community can offer.  This is not political or ideological, it’s just the right thing to do.

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