LCPS School board votes to implement local mask policy, countering Governor’s order. Morse is just a RINO or worse. Sorry, No One Cares. Shut Down the Schools Then

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What if Jeff Morse, the new LCPS Chair voted the same as John Beatty? Would that have changed the outcome? Nope. However, it would have given the parents a little more hope with the LCPS SB. Personally, I say throw Sheridan back in, at least we know what to expect, that’s what makes Morse worse.

Sorry LCPS SB, your stupid a$$ mask policy has fallen on deaf ears, it’s meaningless. Jeff, I hope AG Miyares has you on his top (3) to start with because YOU were one of the first to DENY know anything about the rape at Stone Bridge. Worthless and weak.

By Horus Alas

The Loudoun County School Board voted to pass a measure on Tuesday night that will require the continued use of face masks in Loudoun schools, countering the executive order ending mask mandates in Virginia schools issued by Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) on Saturday.

The measure passed 8-1, with sole opposition from John Beatty (Catoctin).

“I believe that this is an important step in helping to keep our schools open, which I believe is the board’s priority,” Loudoun County Public Schools superintendent Scott Ziegler said immediately after the vote.

The vote follows days of internal deliberations from school officials on how to proceed if the statewide mask mandate in schools were revoked. At the school board’s Jan. 11 meeting, Ziegler anticipated a possible revocation of the mask mandates after Youngkin took office.

On Monday, school administrators said in a statement that they would continue to require the use of face masks when students returned to school on Tuesday.

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