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LCPS SB Hires ANOTHER Law Firm to Review Independent Report. Fear of Being Indicted? Yes

Tonight, January 24th, 2023 was the 2nd LCPS SB meeting of the month. It was a big moment for Tiffany Polifko as she attempted to bring a modicum of sanity to Loudoun County with an Informational motion and Recommendation to bring forth a vote to vote on the release of the Internal Report, regarding the rape and sexual assaults, at one of the two SB meetings in February. As a reminder, the LCPS Internal Report was completed in January 2022 and the SB and their idiot attorney Robert Falconi did NOT want the public to see it. The grand jury report was released in early December 2022 (last month) and the SB and their idiot attorney Robert Falconi still did NOT want the public to see it.

If there were ever any doubts that the Internal Report contained incriminating details of the LCPS SB members, their idiot attorney, and the royal court, well tonight this crew all but confirmed it. You see, the LCPS SB and their idiot attorney have decided to hire ANOTHER law firm to review the Internal Report. That makes Blakenship & Keith, Robert Falconi, and now a new law firm. In my mind this stunt means possibly one of two things:

  1. Blakenship & Keith, and Robert Falconi suck so bad at their job that they have zero confidence in their ability to help guide the SB on what to redact and what to release OR
  2. The SB members are so fearful of what they have done or not done that they needed a third opinion on how to move forward for fear of being indicted. Keep in mind, this is not a report about the Kennedy assissination and does not involve the CIA (as far as we know).

It is absolutely unconscionable what this LCPS SB continues to do (minus Tiffany Polifko).

While this was going on, the rape victim’s mother was assaulted by LCPS rent-a-cops. Sheriff’s deputies are now (11:07pm) at the LCPS Admin building investigating.

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