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LCPS SB Candidate, Nick Gothard and Equality Loudoun Openly Advocated for Step #4 In the Grooming Process

Nick Gothard has zero business running as a Broad Run SB candidate. Forget about the fact that he’s 22, has no children, is extremely tight with the corrupt Loudoun Democrats, and tied to the hip of Buta Biberaj. Nick and Equality Loudoun’s most recent Twitter post should be an eye opening read for ALL parents, and the people of Loudoun County. For them to openly advocate for schools to HIDE information from parents is the epitome of disgusting. We already know LCPS has been doing this in one form or another, but now, a SB candidate wants to step on the gas. Make no mistake, their message is item #4 in the grooming process.

We’ve all heard about this garbage from across the country, now it hits home huh? This disgusting push for sexualizing our kids with their LGBTQ+ pedo narrative is here in Loudoun (as we’ve known), and now we have a full blown LGBTQ+ Nazi running for SB. Won’t he be a voice for all Broad Run parents and students? Nope, he full intends to push this agenda, and unless your kid can be groomed, I suspect they won’t his “advocacy” criteria.

Grooming Process

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