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LCPS SB Broad Run Andrew Hoyler Voted For the VAX Mandate AND Mask Mandate

We know every LCPS SB member voted for the mask and VAX MANDATE except Beatty. Will get to those fools in 2023. This year is a special election for the Leesburg and Broad Run districts. For the moment, we’re going to focus on Broad Run and Andrew Hoyler but before we get to that, a few questions:

I’ve said it plenty of times already and this will be the last, Andrew Hoyler is a nice guy, I do not hate him. This isn’t personal, it’s business, the business of our kids and parental rights and as far as I know, Hoyler doesn’t have any kids, so being a parent is an impossibility for him, can’t have one without being the other.

As you can clearly see below, Hoyler voted to MANDATE the masks and VAX for all teachers and kids. Hoyler voted with Ziegler on the MANDATES, that was over turned and a few short weeks later Hoyler said at a BOS meeting about Ziegler:

What makes people think Hoyler won’t support some other type of Ziegler MANDATE in the future?

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