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LCPS Sb and Superintendent Openly use New SB Voted on LEAF (Loudoun Education Alliance for Families) To Push Leftist Agenda (video)

The LCPS SB’s creation of the LEAF (Loudoun Education Alliance for Families) sounds nice but it’s not.  For example, there was one parent interested in joining LEAF at his sons middle school.  Unfortunately, because this parent speaks up at school board meetings (pointed but respectfully) he was overlooked.  Not just overlooked, but completely ignored.  he was the only parent to raise his hand, but the principal nor the PTA would return his call.  Finally when they did, they said sorry, too bad so sad we found someone already.

LEAF is nothing more than a political arm of the LCPS SB as you will hear in the videos below.  Comrade Ziegler standing on his soap box asking the SB’s new first line of defense to petition senators, congressman and push gun control.

You’ll notice all SB members voted for this wonderful idea except for Atoosa (absent) and Marshall (abstained).  This includes Andrew Hoyler.

Andrew Hoyler is facing a special election this November and he’s not an ideal SB member, nice guy but not SB material.  He voted to keep students masked, he is a full-on member of Team Ziegler, and voting for LEAF with the leftist propaganda displayed in the videos below, well that’s not centrist or moderate, it’s leftist.

School Board votes to form parent advisory group

April 7, 2022 Loudoun Times Mirror:

The Loudoun County School Board on Tuesday voted in favor of forming a parent advisory group “Loudoun Education Alliance of Families” (LEAF) at Tuesday night’s school board meeting in Ashburn.

There were seven votes in favor of the motion, with Tom Marshall, (Leesburg District), abstaining and Atoosa Reaser, (Algonkian District), absent.

The purpose of LEAF is described in the Loudoun County School Board agenda packet as “an advisory group voice for parents to elevate educational concerns and provide feedback to the board on current or proposed policies or issues facing the school board.”

The nominee is then sent to the school board in which they are vetted by the community from that information session before a vote is then acted on at that next board meeting, according to Morse.

When asked if he thought the formation of LEAF was a response to parents who complained that their voices haven’t been heard by the school board, Morse said he didn’t think so.

“I think this is more of a response to the opinion of the board members that we need to reach further in and engage the parent community with better representation,” Morse said. “We don’t have that kind of representation in other areas.”

A year from now, Morse said he’d like to see LEAF as a functional organization with a representative from each school that is assisting the school board with the concerns of the community, policy and other school board efforts.

“That’s the goal: To make it a functioning organization who can provide us [with] input,” Morse said.

Additionally, the LCSB also voted to change the date in the school calendar on which the holiday ‘Eid-al-Fitr’ is celebrated. The original holiday was set to Tuesday, May 3, but has been switched to Monday, May 2.

In a press release released Tuesday afternoon, LCSB wrote “The School Board action was made to more accurately reflect and honor the start of the Eid holiday.”

As a result of this change, Monday, May 2, is now a student and staff holiday and Tuesday, May 3, is a regular school day. The press release notes that principals are advised to work with staff on pre-scheduled appointments or commitments on May 3 and to allow personal leave or sick leave to be taken for the day or a portion of the day.

LEAF will be cheerleaders for the school board and visa versus. Recruit, recruit, recruit. Video mark 1:10:10

Leftist Superintendent Ziegler Pushing Parents to Advocate for gun control. This is a very political address starts at 03:35

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