TT: Magazine Fall 2020

Civil Rights History 
Reframe the Movement 
Inspiring Future Voters 
Tiffany Jewell Q&A 
Counter Youth Voter Suppression 
Commit to Anti-Racism 
ISSUE 5 | FALL 2020 
19 The Weaponization 
of Whiteness in Schools 
From Reconstruction's racial 
terror to this summer's viral videos, 
weaponized whiteness is an American 
constant—even in schools. 
25 School as Sanctuary 
Immigrant and refugee students 
and families are under threat. Many 
schools have joined a movement to 
protect them. 
32 This Conversation Is Anti-Racist 
This Book Is Anti-Racist author Tiffany 
Jewell has lessons for young people— 
and for fellow educators, too. 
38 Uplifting the Student Vote 
In a critical election year, students and 
educators are banding together to fight 
voter suppression. 
History Moves With Us 
A veteran of the civil rights movement 
implores educators to reframe the past 
and connect to the present. 
We Still Haven't Learned From This 
A new project puts a personal touch on 
teaching the history Of Japanese American 
incarceration—and the present-day 
echoes are striking. 
And the Winners Are... 
We're proud to introduce the extraordinary 
recipients of the 2020 Teaching Tolerance 
Award for Excellence in Teaching.