LCPS CRT Educational Partners

P.A.C.T. wishes to apologize to parents and the Loudoun community. For months we have been trying to expose CRT in Loudoun County. Who’s involved, what are they doing, what have they done and what will they be doing? We’ve had on our site a category called “LCPS: Equity Partners” and we’ve done a half-assed job of bringing you the information you need to understand to truly appreciate the CRT take over of LCPS. We will be focusing on this over the next few weeks because it is critical for you to see with your own two eyes the material being made available to students and teachers as well as being used in the classrooms. It is really bad and hard to believe a few racist, anti-white groups are making all of the decisions, the LCPS school board and superintendent are completely useless and cowards.

It’s one thing to know CRT is in our schools and the quick cheat sheet below highlights the basics of what CRT is. However, it’s a completely different thing to actually understand the components that support and allow this ideology to propagate and poison our kids.

What is Critical Race Theory Recap:

  • All white people are oppressors and all minorities are oppressed
  • White people must recognize their White Privilege/Whiteness and denounce it
  • One can determine another person’s character by skin color.
  • Racism is present in every aspect of life, relationship, education, science and interaction.
  • White people only give black people opportunities and freedoms when it benefits them
  • Against free societies.
  • No individuals permitted in Critical Race Theory.
  • Science, reason, data and evidence are a “white” way of thinking
  • Anyone who disagrees is racist even if those people are black.
  • CRT is racist to the core and built on a Marxist ideology

  • What is a CRT Educational Partner?
    • Answer: A CRT Educational Partner is an organization that develops, creates, and distributes the CRT/Equity “educational” material, training for students & teachers, and propaganda across the country. There are A LOT of CRT Educational Partners and school districts tend to align themselves with between (5) and (10) of these organizations. There is often overlap in the content between these organizations but they often have their own uniquenesses that are in full compliance of the CRT ideology
  • Who are some of these CRT Educational Partners?
    • Answer: A few of Loudoun County’s are: Racial Equity Tools (a collaboration with BLM and M4BL), Teaching Tolerance (A George Soros financed project of the Southern Poverty Law Center) and National Museum of African American History. The complete list of LCPS CRT Partners is below with links.
  • Who decides on the CRT Educational Material for LCPS?
    • Answer: Not the parents. The NAACP and MSAAC are in charge of this task and LCPS simply nods their head with approval, not that they have a choice. This is COMPLETELY unbalanced, biased, and MSAAC and the NAACP should NOT be in charge of all of the educational material for the entire school district. In fact, this is the root of a much larger problem, the NAACP is calling the educational shots with their bullying and Black Supremacist approach. Below are a few examples, however the full list of demands can be found here: NAACP TERMS OF CONCILIATION FOR LCPS
      • NAACP is demanding the removal of standardized testing for admission to AOL as well as making the grading requirement a “C” or better to qualify
      • NAACP is demanding that they be a “stakeholder” in ANY admission changes made for AOL prior to being implemented
      • NAACP is demanding that they be a “stakeholder” in changes made to elementary age Talented Programs, testing and selection criteria for student acceptance into gifted programs
      • NAACP is demanding a STEM based after school/summer program with a focus on African American studies
      • NAACP is demanding that they are a major “stakeholder” in the creation of a charter school with a focus on African American studies
      • NAACP is demanding to be a “stakeholder” in the renaming of Hillsboro Academy and AOL

As LCPS worked with MSAAC, NAACP and Equity Collaborative to develop their “Comprehensive Equity Plan”, LCPS formed partnerships and aligned themselves with organizations that focus on “Equity” and based on the spirit of the Critical Race Theory framework. These partners are radical, racist and have a collective goal to indoctrinate our kids and reeducate them on their Whiteness. Some people may believe that this just a hyperbolic statement by an over zealous parent, however, I can assure you that if you spend any amount of time perusing the materials provided on their websites, you will reach the same conclusion.

LCPS Critical Race Theory (CRT) Educational Partners

LCPS, MSAAC and The NAACP Need To Be Held Accountable