LCPS Principal Canned Response To Parents Regarding Mask-Less Monday

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LCPS Principal Response to teachers if kids aren’t wearing a mask:

  • Q: What if a student comes in without a mask?A: Offer them one or direct them to the office if you don’t have any
  • Q: What if they refuse?A: Tell them it is not a choice, it is LCPS policy.
  • Q: What if they still refuse?A: Send them to the office and submit a referral immediately. We will deal with any students who don’t comply as soon as we are notified, they are not in compliance.

Read the canned email below, a few thoughts:

  • “At this time we can discuss next steps”:
    • Next steps? The next step is for the school to allow for the kid(s) to get their education such that it is
  • “There is no need to place your (kids) and teachers in this circumstance if the decision to NOT wear a mask has already been made”:
    • If next steps have yet to be determined , what “circumstance” is LCPS referring to? Sounds like an action has been predetermined, which will be presented as a veiled threat or ultimatum.

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