LCPS MSAAC Vice-Chair Is Also An Active Member of the NAACP Executive Board. How is this not a conflict of Interest??

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Why is There an NAACP Executive Board Member Employed by LCPS as the Vice-Chair of MSAAC (LCPS Branch)??

I have to admit, Paulina-Marie Ransom, Vice-Chair of MSAAC and Executive Board member of the NAACP seems like a nice, family centric lady. However, I think MSAAC is a radical and racist group that is destroying LCPS’s educational system. I also think the NAACP is a radical and racist group that is in cahoots with MSAAC and adding to the destruction of LCPS’s educational system. The problem I have is LCPS is paying a women to be the Vice-Chair of MSAAC that is also on the NAACP Executive Board, a HUGE conflict of interest, political activism, racism and our educational system. The NAACP is destructive and are racist bullies that see EVERYTHING through the prism of race. You want to see these people lose their minds, tell them you want a member of the “Proud Boys” on the MSAAC and Equity Committee.

So now LCPS has a trifecta of radical and racist ideology being ingrained into our educational system: MSAAC, NAACP and Critical Race Theory (Equity Movement). Add to this, that the Loudoun NAACP President, Michelle Thomas is a member of the LCPS Equity Committee. At this rate, the opportunity for a civilized discussion is all but out the window. Thomas will slander anyone that dares question the NAACP, MSAAC or CRT as a racist who are only reinforcing “systemic racism” and using our “white privilege” to maintain our “Oppressor” status and retain our privilege. This is of course BS. The LCPS School Board are spineless, and weak willing participants that is equally as guilty in destroying our education. Finally, “equality” and “equity” are being achieved. Let us not forget that the previous LCPS Social Justice Warrior, Superintendent, Eric Williams, has been replaced by another Social Justice Warrior moron that wanted to punish teachers if they dared speak negatively about CRT in school or out of school.

P.A.C.T. has been saying for months that the NAACP has infiltrated LCPS. Between Michelle Thomas, Pauline-Marie Ransom, and MSAAC. what more proof do people need? Below are all recent posts by Paulina-Marie, so it’s not as if this was in a previous life, just 2-3 months ago.

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