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LCPS Minority/Equity Committee Openly Declares Pledge of Allegiance Is “Racist” and Should Be Thrown Out



Take a look at the names above, LCPS MSAAC Officers.  They declared in November 2022 that the Pledge of Allegiance was racist and should be removed from our schools because it was indoctrinating students.  These people are racist and anti-American radicals that have done more damage to our schools than one can easily understand.


These lunatics are the very ones in charge of a recent training an Academies of Loudoun teacher had to go through.  A white teacher, questioned his racism because he’s white.  While he told them he was NOT racist, they responded and told him that’s exactly why he is racist, denial.  They proceeded to give him a visual test:

  1. Picture #1: LaBron James holding a white lady
  2. Picture #2: King-Kong holding a white lady

They asked him “What’s the difference between these two pictures?” He replied “I’m jealous of LeBron James”.  They said “No, that’s not what you see”.


We need a new school board that will pledge to abolish MSAAC or at a minimum, hand them a red stapler.


Below are two docs.  The first is a feedback table where you can see MSAAC’s hateful comments about the Pledge of Allegiance followed by their (3) pages of Feedback/Comments on their views of the Pledge.  They associate it with genocide, imperialism, and Nazi salutes.


These people are NOT “educators”, they are racist activists pure and simple.

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