LCPS Light Ridge HS Display: Two Boys Kissing, Transgender Speak, and A Coming of Gender

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The image below is on display at the Light Ridge HS library. Why not a picture book of Ron Jeremy or Debbie Does Dallas? What in the hell is wrong with LCPS? I don’t care if you’re gay or straight, I don’t care if you have no idea what gender you are. But to shove this garbage in our students faces as if this is the norm is BS and I hope to God it’s going to ignite parents to stop with angry emoji’s and passive aggressive posts and get aggressively involved. How much more of this crap do our kids and parents need to be exposed to?

All parents in LCPS and across the country, let’s use Light Ridge HS and this principal as an example and light them up with emails, phone calls, angry parent meetings, I’ll go with you. Enough has got to be enough.

Light Ridge HS:

Principal: Ryan Hitchman


Main Office Phone: 571-367-4100

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