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Meet Michaela “Kiki” Ottenberg, Kiki is a History Teacher with a “Law Degree” at LCPS, Potomac Falls High School. Kiki enjoys supporting Black Lives Matter when she works and when she doesn’t. Kiki apparently has a dislike for “straight white males” based on her comment below “So tired of take this white CIS male pundits.” Admittedly, I had to look up what a “CIS” was and it’s appalling. “CIS” refers to someone that is a male with “normal” masculine gender identity. This used to be referred to as a “guy OR “man” and what’s bad about being a straight white male? Kiki also appears to be an expert in everything, based on what was shared and publicly available. So be forewarned, if you challenge Kiki, she may call you a racist! Surprise!

I know most people may not be into rap, let alone from a white guy with braids and tattoos all over. But, don’t judge a book by it’s cover! Tom Macdonald is just that guy! Tom’s written a song called “Straight White Male” that is fitting for this post. I added one other song from Tom called “White Boy”. As I said, if you can get past Tom’s appearance, the message in both of his songs is dead on accurate and appropriate for CRT!

Help and Share The Message!

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