LCPS Kids Win Mask Mandate Fight. Here Are The LOWLIGHT’s

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Today, it became more apparent than ever that LCPS is NOT for the students, not at all. This is the very reason WHY We The Parents MUST demand and fight for parental rights for our kids. We are fighting school boards, politicians at every level, special interest groups, etc. Research, study and prepare for the 2023 elections because We The Parents have got to kick every last ideological and progressive’s a$$ to the curb. No one is coming to save or protect you or your kids, that’s OUR job. Today is PROOF that We The Parents can make change happen without the need for a stupid “Hopey and Changey” political slogan from 2008.

Make no mistake about it, today’s legislation signed by Governor Youngkin was a big win. Literally at the same time was a court case brought by (3) Loudoun County families and Governor Youngkin, AG Miyares, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Balow seeking an injunction to LCPS’s radical mask policy that punished and suspended students.

Between the media and social media posts, we all know this was a big win for the LCPS students and parents. However, we think it’s very important for people to understand that while this was a big win, the LCPS Legal Goon Squad did EVERYTHING possible to diminish the parents and students of LCPS on behalf of their client. Here are the lowlights:

  • LCPS Legal Goon Squad actually told the judge that “all students that have been suspended were back in school”. Uh, not true. I hugged my daughter goodbye before leaving for court AND there were perhaps 10+ suspended students in court watching this circus
  • LCPS Legal Goon Squad told the judge on (3) separate occasions that there weren’t any parents present. Uh, not true. There were at least 12 parents present in the court room
  • Approximately 3:15pm the court session started, just after Governor Youngkin signed the new no mask mandate legislation into law. The new legislation contains a school district compliance date of March 1, 2022. The LCPS Goon Squad tried to argue for a stay until AFTER March first, saying that it was ONLY another (7) school days and that LCPS needed that time for the LCPS schools to prepare to welcome back the (38) suspended students. This would have left the students already suspended out of school for another (7) days which the Goon Squad did not believe was unreasonable
  • The judge questioned the LCPS Legal Goon Squad on how their client was able to pass a radical mask policy that punished and suspended students in 31 SECONDS on 1/18/22 (video here and below).
  • Approximately 5:30ish, LCPS Superintendent Ziegler sent out an email communication that stated starting Tuesday, February 22nd, students would be able to return to school unmasked. The LCPS Legal Squad argued that LCPS needed that tomorrow and Friday for the LCPS schools to prepare to welcome back the (38) suspended students.
  • Approximately 7:00pm the judge rendered his decision and granted an injunction to the parents and students of LCPS. The LCPS Legal Goon Squad argued against this decision and they lost.

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