LCPS John Champ HS:  Anti-Semitism and White Supremacy on Full Display As Student Walks the Hallways and Eats Lunch. 

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Superintendent Ziegler, Lottie Spurlock, LCPS SB nor the “Equity Committee” had the balls to public address condemn this. In fact, for the past (2) years Lottie Spurlock, LCPS Director of Equity, has refused to acknowledge that anti-semitism was a problem in LCPS, only focused on her selective equity. Also, where is Michelle Thomas, Robin Burke, the NAACP and their bullhorns standing up for the Jewish community? Crickets of course. You see, anti semitism conflicts with their agenda, focus, target.

Hate, anti semitism and racism have no place in our community, can they say ALL of that? We DEMAND more people from the Loudoun County Jewish community be part of the so called “Equity Committee”. They also need to consider hiring less equity foot soldiers and hire an LCPS Director of Anti Semitism.

It took me about 30 minutes to grasp what I was seeing when I saw these images……and then LCPS’s response. Once again, the LCPS attempted coverup is worse than the incident. On 2/14/22, at LCPS’s John Champ HS it was “Culture Day”. One student decided to wear a replica German military uniform, helmet, and displayed two flags, one of which contained an “Iron Cross”. During WW2, the Iron Cross was slightly modified to contain the swastika in the center. As you can imagine, this generated a lot of anger and concern particularly with the Jewish students and parents in Loudoun County. However, it gets worse, not by the student but because of LCPS’s response or lack thereof (see below).

A few questions come to mind:

  • Why was this email sent by the LCPS Director of Communication and Community Engagement instead of Superintendent Ziegler since he’s so high on “equity, diversity and inclusion”????
  • How does a HS that has 2,000+, like LCPS’s John Champe HS NOT notice a kid walking around carrying two Iron Cross flags, wearing German military uniform WITH a pointed helmet UNTIL pictures are posted on social media???
  • With all the staff that it takes to manage 2,000+ students NO ONE was able to identify that this students attire was screaming ANTI SEMITISM??
  • We’re told everyday that EVERYTHING is racist but this is Anti Semitic and LCPS Admin refuses to call it as such
  • This was approved, no question. But by who?
  • The rest of the note is just plain old standard bullshi$ from LCPS

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