LCPS High School: Stupid Stone Bridge HS Student Posts Racial Comments

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We Do Not Need This Crap!

We at P.A.C.T. are fighting against Critical Race Theory in our schools, education and our society. We view everyone by the content of their character not the color of their skin (sound familiar). We have continually called out LCPS, NAACP, MSAAC and all others that support CRT. P.A.C.T. will also condemn anyone in LCPS who making racially hateful comments and/or racially hateful comments and posting them to social media. If they are a minor, we won’t know their names nor would we post it if we knew. However, the age of (18) and older, is a game changer for the better and for the worse and we won’t hesitate to call “adults” out. Seems to me it would be quite hypocritical of P.A.C.T. to call out LCPS and their Equity Gang and not call out those that are instigating or giving them leverage they can you against this fight. We do not need ANYMORE hate filled crap, society is quickly reaching a boiling point and this is completely uncalled for.

If only LCPS could issue a statement to the community about how their CRT initiative is impacting kids and parents, we might actually get somewhere. At least open it up for discussion, but they refuse and I won’t hold my breathe.

Help and Share The Message!

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