LCPS Gearing Up For VAX Clinics At Schools And Act As Persuasive “Experts” To Convince Parents

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PACT rarely writes about COVID “stuff”, but in this case we had to make an exception. Got to protect the kids and help the parents right?

CDC, VDOE, and LCPS thinks parents are stupid. They are going to use the power of “educator” or “indoctrinator” to convince you that they know best. Have you noticed how well that is working out with CRT, Social Emotional Learning, and all of this equity and social justice nonsense?

Notice in the slide deck at the bottom titled “COVID-19 in Loudoun County” dated 11/9/21. We’ve all heard since the very first day that COVID arrived on the scene that it is the most sophisticated virus/disease ever. It is so smart that it seeks out black people to destroy them and kill off an entire race of people. This slide deck says something COMPLETELY different. If we’re to believe the “science”, then it is white people most at risk, again, just like the CRT, SEL, and social justice narrative.

“Parents listen to school leaders and personnel: according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll from this summer, parents are approximately twice as likely to get their child vaccinated if their school provides information about the vaccine.1 We urge you to do all you can to help parents and families learn about the vaccine and get access to it.” (located in second PDF below)

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