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LCPS Flashback, (2+) Years Ago and Now We Have a SB Special Election

These Are OUR Lived Experiences

Tell The Truth LCPS

Matt Walsh to LCPS SB “You INDOCTRINATE Them (children)”

2022 LCPS SB Special Election

Just a reminder of the two progressive candidates that are running for the Broad Run district in this years special election. The incumbent, Andrew Hoyler an Independent/Progressive, voted on June 28th for Superintendent Ziegler’s “Indoctrination” plan which will keep the sins of the LCPS past very much in the present and the future, he helped to lock it in. That means the expansion of CRT/SEL/Indoctrination. Hoyler’s Democrat/Progressive rival, Nick Gothard, may not have anything good to bring to the table but young Nick has acquired more progressive baggage than a unicorn during Pride Month.

It’s always been said that if we do not learn from the mistakes of the past we are destined to repeat them, no difference here. Below are both Andrew and Nick’s “credentials”, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where both of these candidates stand.

If people are in agreement with the videos above, and still hold that level of disdain for CRT/SEL/Indoctrination and still have the passion for removing CRT/SEL/Indoctrination, how does a vote for Nick or Andrew make sense? Many have said that the Independent/Conservative candidate Tiffany Polifko will split the Conservative/Republican vote with Hoyler? How? How is this even remotely possible? If you’re a Conservative/Republican, that has opposed CRT/SEL/Indoctrination, then would you really vote for Hoyler, someone that just advanced everything you are opposed to, on top of supporting mask/VAX mandates, and sexualized books with pedophilic content like Lawn Boy or Nick Gothard who would support the aforementioned without question? This would be the continuation of 2+2=5.

Many have told me to “mind your own business”. Fair enough, how someone votes is none of my business. However, it is my business to provide awareness and I will continue to do so much to the chagrin of those that believe that I am an enemy to the people or my own worst enemy. If disseminating factual information about these candidates makes me my own worst enemy (as has been suggested), then me, myself and I it will be. I will continue to work in a vacuum and stand up for what I have been fighting against since the spring of 2020. Some people may not like what I’ve been saying/posting because it goes against the grain but prove me wrong and I will gladly make a correction and admit my error. If you have something nice to say, I’m all ears, no resentments. Otherwise, please have a nice day.

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