LCPS Equity Partner, Teaching Tolerance’s Fall 2020 Racist Magazine

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At what point do people say “Hmm, something just isn’t right about what LCPS is doing”??

How far as parents are we willing to go? How much are we supposed to endure? Are we so consumed by political correctness and the woke culture that we have developed an inability to disagree for fear of being labeled a “racist”? Why are people comfortable with being demonized for things we didn’t do or things we didn’t say? Why aren’t parents protecting their kids from all of this manipulation and indoctrination? Isn’t that our job….protecting our kids? If people aren’t willing to get in front of this unidirectional racist movement, before it gets any worse, then we’re no better than the people doing it to us, in fact we’re worse because we sit silent.

Below is the latest edition of the Teaching Tolerance Fall 2020 Magazine. Take the time, give yourself and kids a chance to make an honest determination if you think this is perfectly fine material OR not. We live in the world of COVID now, and while we want our kids back in school, it’s largely out of our hands. We have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time because COVID and back in school is far from the only concern you should have.

Teaching Tolerance Fall 2020 Magazine Top Terminology and the number of times they appear in this rag:

  • “White”: (91) Times
  • “Racist”: (26) Times
  • “Whiteness”:  (17) Times
  • “Anti-Racist”: (16) Times
  • “White Supremacy”: (10) Times
  • “Black Lives Matter”: (8) Times
  • “Disproportion”: (7) Times
  • “Weaponization”: (7) Times
  • “Privilege”: (6) Times
  • “Disproportionately”: (6) Times
  • “Bias”: (5) Times
  • “Equity”: (5) Times
  • “White Privilege”: (3) Times

Help and Share The Message!

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