LCPS Equity Partner “Racial Equity Tools” Offering 20% Discount on Transforming White Privilege

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I’m just spitballing here but I’m guessing Racial Equity Tools has declared that “Black Friday” is racist and they are trying to start a “White Wednesday” trend

This is a promotional email LCPS’s Equity Partner, Racial Equity Tools is sending out. I’m not sure if I’m happy to see that they are discounting their “Transforming White Privilege” curriculum because everyone knows it’s crap OR disappointed that the discount is so high, 20%. Either way, this is a first BUT it’s 2020 so…..

We are very happy to offer members of the Racial Equity Tools community 20% off of the TWP curriculum through the end of 2020. Use the link above to purchase access at the individual or small organizational level. To receive the discount for larger organizations, please contact us at
More details on how to access the discount:

1. Sign in or register as a member of Racial Equity Tools 
2. Go to the special discount link to purchase full access to the curriculum, with the discount 
3. Once you are a paid member, you will receive an email that will give you full instructions for accessing the curriculum on line. The easiest way to see all of the materials is to go to our Member Homepage

Stay Tuned  —  For the Big Reveal… – 2020 Refresh & Update!
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