LCPS Shocking “Equity” Training for Teachers: Aug. 31 2020

Written by Jeanine Martin August 31, 2020

Shocking new ‘equity training’ for Loudoun teachers

The parent of a Loudoun county student reports she filed a FOIA request for materials being used in Loudoun County for teacher training on ‘equity issues’. The following were among the things she received:

Reading list for our teachers

Let’s remember we are all paying for this and worse yet, this is what our students in Loudoun County are being taught. It’s appalling. Is the school system so naive as to think this wouldn’t come to the attention of parents and taxpayers in the county? Or did they believe, like so many good liberals, we would all support this nonsense? Or simply that we all should support these teachings?

Loudoun County schools are approximately 70% white. Are those children going to walk away from these lessons believing there is something wrong with them because of the color of their skin? Will they believe their parents and grandparents are also bad people who believe they are superior based on their race? Will children look at their grandparents with disdain because they’ve been taught that they believe in White Supremacy? Is the school system teaching children to hate themselves and their families because of their skin color?

It is frightening and I feel sorry all the parents in Loudoun County who have no alternative but to send their children to public schools where this nonsense will be forced upon them. How many public school systems are teaching the same indoctrination lessons? All of them?

An overview of Loudoun’s equity programs here. At that link click on “Division-wide” Equity Infusion to see how equity programs are being infused in all FCPS programs.