LCPS Equity Gang Are Overpaid Rubber stamping Frauds **UPDATED**

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Every (3) years Loudoun residents vote to elect a new or incumbent school board member. A few years ago, this seemed to matter, however, does it matter anymore? How could I possibly say such a thing? It’s simple, the LCPS board members we have now aren’t standing up for the students, teachers or parents. P.A.C.T. hears from A LOT of parents and teachers and they cannot understand how we made such a hard left turn. We’re all of the belief that the people that were voted in had our best interest in mind, you know, being that voice for students, teachers and parents as it relates to education.

I’m not convinced that every board member actually believes in Critical Race Theory (CRT), however, each and every board member is guilty for voting “Yes” to the LCPS Comprehensive Equity Plan”. But why would they votes “Yes” if they didn’t actually believe in CRT? Cancel culture, plain and simple, however they could have abstained from voting or voted “No”, knowing it would still have passed. Williams on the other hand, well he’s an over educated little tyrant that specializes in pandering because he’s weak. Think about it, does it make any sense to uproot LCPS’s entire educational system for 7% of the student population? What about the other 93% of the student population? It seems the definitions of “majority” and “minority” have flipped.

The board and Williams have become nothing more than the “rubber stamp” division of LCPS, they are not making decisions with our students best interest in mind. They are being governed and told what to do by the new LCPS Diversity Leaders, MSAAC, NAACP, Loudoun Diversity Council and of course their “Equity Consultant” Equity Collaborative. These are the real shot callers in LCPS. Loudoun County residents are paying $182,000 for (9) people to vote “Yes” and $327,000 to a guy that defers to others to answer questions 90% of the time. MSAAC and the NAACP do NOT speak for me or my family. Their CRT initiative is radical, racist, hateful and psychologically damaging. Have at it with the black students you claim to represent, but keep away from my kids. Keep in mind that on 10/21/2020 Williams agreed with MSAAC that “Equity” aka CRT, is more important than a health crisis, in fact she said for ANYONE to think otherwise is “irresponsible” and “selfish”. This is the Cancel Culture in action, “Agree with me OR you’re selfish”. How about NO.

Eric Williams makes $327,000 annually and each board member is paid $20,000 annually, except Brenda Sheridan, she makes $22,000
LCPS has approved a new position for 2021, Chief Equity Officer and they also approved a new and extended agreement with an “Equity Consultant” group.
Why is the NAACP allowed to drive changes to our educational system? Would LCPS allow the KKK or ISIS to do the same? No and I would fight that with the same vigor as well.

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